Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UM-RADIO 007 Marginal mix / DOPPELGENGER

UM-RADIO 007 Marginal mix / DOPPELGENGER
Sound type : dubstep
Art work by : DOPPELGENGER
Country : Japan

This mix is DOPPELGENGER style.It based on DUB STEP,but mixing of many kind of music,not just dubstep.and it has punk,hardcore,metal feeling.You can feel his stance by this mix.He let out distorted wave for the world.

 UM-RADIO 007 Marginal mix / DOPPELGENGER by universalmarginalradio04

He play DJ since 15 years old,then since 2008 he is using name "DOPPELGENGER".His style is based on psychedelic,and punk & aggressive style "dub".He is residents of most biggest Drum&Bass,Dubstep party "Drum & Bass Sessions" at Tokyo in Every month.and He organize party "KOUENJI FREEDOM" at Japanese underground place "DOM studio".It's 4Floor,24 bands,24DJs."KOUENJI FREEDOM" is many underground Japanese artist played,it made quite new impression.

He released in 2009 1st mix CD "Dubstep Mixology",in 2010 2nd 1DVD+2MIXCD "TIME WILL TELL".and in 2010 He directed underground art magazine "GURUZ MAGAZINE".Now He is making 1st album for will be release in 2011.

DOM STUDIO is basically music studio at Tokyo,Kouenji.but it has special atmosphere.it's feel like squat.you can see punks,traveler,raver,it's gathering place of real Japanese underground.place is regal.organizer is called "Aniki" by everybody,it's mean is old brother.He has many respect by underground people.That's why here is spacial place for real underground.
and about each 2,3month they has party "COSMO".Many underground artist & also sound system's DJ played this party.this party is peace anarchy!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

UM-RADIO 006 AaaaaahMbient / NDENDEKI

UM-RADIO 006 AaaaaahMbient / NDENDEKI
Sound type : AaaaaahMbient 
Art work by : COREHEAD
Country : Japan

This mix by NDENDEKI. Normaly NDENDEKI play tribe,hardtek,but this mix is Ambient mix.It's strange  phycedelic Ambient set.Start is slowly slowly after you will see feel like strange tribal festival in the sky.

 UM-RAIDO 006 AaaaaahMbient / NDENDEKI by universalmarginalradio02 

NDENDEKI started DJ since first japanese teknival .
After the first teknival japan , he played some underground tekno rave
and party.
He is a track maker , and he released vinyl with Mat Weasel Busters
and MSD on 2008.

Also , he joined "Hardcore Inferno Vol. 1"(Thorntree Records 2009).

He is a crew of "COREHEAD"and "BEACH WHISTLE" too.
He played as a "REEZENT"(limitter cut core) with "SUNGA".


COREHEAD is New japanese Tribe,Free tek,label.
They has also "COREHEAD" sound system since this year.
COREHEAD is feel like japanese new age tekno label.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UM-RADIO 005 moofuu / 401

UM-RADIO 005 moofuu / 401
Sound type : chill out 
Art work by : 401
Country : Japan

This mix is that 401 said feel like a star to summer.Like a chill out raggae & some good feeling sound.slowly & realx. Sometimes our party has this feeling.this is not just freak out.This sound has like a feel good wind.

401 based on House groove.but His DJ mix play is over the border of genre,techno,dub,etc and exact mind and feel like freedom.His music view of the world is cosmic & euphorigenic DJ style.In Japan 401 organzied secret party"LIVErary" at building together YAMADAtheGIANT.
Now He has reluraer party "HEDOIZM".He play at sound system party"weekend","ikanani",and some underground rave party in Japan .He is in active at Japanese D.I.Y party scene now.and He made some party flyer art work.He released 1st MIX CD"DIVEWATERING" by himself made and 2nd MIX with his art book "HEDOIZM" by UNIVERSAL MARGINAL.


"KOBAYASHI SYSTEM" organize party "WEEK END".
"WEEK END" is HOUSE,TECHNO,rave party.
It's a good atmosphere & good vibration party.
WEEK END was organized in sea side last year,many time.
Their sound system build up like a every year,Now quite big sound system.

"Who's park"
KOBAYASHI SYSTEM organized "Who's park"in 2008 & 2009 in JAPAN.
"Who's park" is feel like a TEKNIVAL,many sound system in the park.
in 2008,Other Side Sound System,N ∞ I Sound System,izumi chuou,Superbad MIDI Breaks,Pureself RAVE,ikanani,CLOSED System,N2T System.
in 2009,WEEKEND,ikanani,MONSTRO STREO,UHIRAUHIRA,DEKAMELON,DEAD WAX,Izumi chuou,COEXISTENCE,desima + fiercesounds.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UM-RAIDO 004 20100101mix / STARSOLDIER

UM-RADIO 004 20200101 mix / STARSOLDIER
Sound type : experimental free tekno

Art work by Χίμαιρα
Country : Japan 

STARSOLDIER  is resident DJ of Izumi cyuoh. This mix is STARSOLDIER's live mix,when Izumi cyuoh organized the full moon & new years day party.This mix is very original style.it is constructed from his tracks & some tekno & more.  noisy & strange and beautiful world.

UM-RAIDO 004 20100101mix / STARSOLDIER by universalmarginalradio02

STARSOLDIER  is resident DJ of Izumi cyuoh.  Izumi cyuoh is freetek sound system in japan.since ab 2000.He is track maker & DJ.When he play DJ,He playing a lot of own tracks.His tracks is very strange & interesting.His style is very original.and he used some japanese voice sampling.He play at some japanese underground freetek party .He released own best tracks from 9we9sound.

"STAR SOLDIER best of 2002-2009 / STAR SOLDIER"
This album is Starsoldier's best tracks album.These tracks made by since 2002 unitil 2009.Good high speed groove, mysterious japanese voice sampling, unique & beautiful melody. limited bonus CD "DARK SIDE" is more hard tracks.like a jungle,gabbaer,some hard style tracks."DARK SIDE"  is also interesting tracks.

best of 2002-2009
1.shinuno 2.River Sagami 3.Kirakira 4.ring 5.Garyu 6.Banjyo Koto 7.starsoldier 8.in da house

DARK SIDE (limited bonus CD)
1.Blave 2.iai 3.Looking down 4.net of most 5.siden 6.eroguro 7.rool 8.darekani tasukete morauno matteru yatu 9.karasu

you can buy this web site 
http://www.9we9sound.com/ .

"Izumi cyuoh"
Izumi cyuoh is freetek sound system in japan.since ab 2000.They are one of the most biggest sound system in japan.Izumi cyuoh has a lot of underground connection. http://www.9we9sound.com/

Monday, April 26, 2010

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sorry.update was too late.but maybe we will try more some up date.please listen.thank you.


Sound type : experimental free tekno
Art work by COREHEAD
Country : Japan

This mix is SUNGA's new mix.SUNGA played at some Japanese freetek party.and he is track maker.His track & mix has tek feeling & spirituality.and he is beach whistle crew.beach whistle is japanese collective music & art & party crew.They made some interesting project.and their zine "BEACH WHISTLE ZINE" was published by UNIVERSAL MARGINAL in 2009. 

UM-RADIO 003 BREAKBREAK / SUNGA by universalmarginalradio

FrEE TeKn0/rAggA Tr1Be/TekN1vAL/Ac1d&rAdiCa1/ AuD10 chEm1cAL/p0wEr&v10LeNce/tAz c0NcEpt/rEbe1 mUz1c/....
SUNGA organized Japanese no border sound crew "COREHEAD" He played at TEKNIVAL,NEVERLAND,and free party at somewhere in japan etc.and he is ”BEACH WHISTLE” crew.”BEACH WHISTLE” is ”BEACH WHISTLE” crew & ikanani organized amazing party.
He has many music projects in Japan.No limite unit "REEZENT" with japanese tribe musican "NDENDEKI"."SUNGUNG" with altanative artist "COLOR GUNG" .



"BEACH WHISTLE" Party that established monument in underground party scene in 2008. The age is an organized secret guerrilla free party the ikanani mozzfukerrrr sound system and prototype of present beach whistle crew. Sunga, 401, AMA UU, destr∞y a.k.a. dubdub, and LUVRAW performed. Legend has it that Beach whistle of the age.It succeeded in completely evolved whats in the place. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UM-RADIO 002 live mix@TEKNIVAL jpn 09 / KAWA

UM-RADIO 002 live mix@TEKNIVAL jp 09 / KAWA
2009 09?? TEKNIVAL jpn 09 @somewhere in japan
KAWA live mix.

Sound type : noisey free tekno
Art work by Χίμαιρα
Country : Japan

TEKNIVAL jpn since 2006.TEKNIVAL jpn 09 was about 10 soundsystem on 1week.
TEKNIVAL jpn is very small more than other country now.but it has deeply underground atmospher.it is building up sound system connection.I think TEKNIVAL jpn will has speciality after 2year or more little bit later.If you want know it,you have to go.
KAWA played at Ikanani Motherfucker Sound System in TEKNIVAL jpn 09.Ikanani Motherfucker Sound System stayed 4days in TEKNIVAL jpn 09.They are very free style sound system & one of the most biggest sound system in japan.
photo by ryohei noguchi @teknival 08 (sorry 09 photo not available)

UM-RADIO 002 live mix@TEKNIVAL JAPAN 09 / KAWA by universalmarginalradio

KAWA is member of "Ikanani Motherfucker Sound System ".The main project of KAWA is "SONTON"."SONTON" is an artist who does the self-made musical instrument performance that integrates with the work and is performed at Exhibition "KITA!"@Indonesia,Exhibition@Panasonic Center,Japan.And, "SONTON" is decorating underground dance music party at BAKUTO OSAKA,NEW B∞RN,ikanani. SONTON keeps constructing the cross-genre the overwhelming vision.KAWA is  vocalist of the Japnese hardcore band "ELEKTRO HUMANGEL"  & "MANX".


KAWA / IROIRO (Artbook & CD-R)

Ikanani (s.c.p. Ikanani Motherfucker Sound System)
Owning their own sound system, they throw dope DIY parties in various places. Not only has Ikanani been part of the Koenji DIY party Cosmo, Teknival, Burning Man, they have also organized parties in a Sewage Treatment Facility as well as the Raw Life Guerilla Soundtrack and Ikanani @ Tokyo University 3 days, continuing to further shake the scene by organizing parties in underground spots. Ikanani also organizes irregular free guerilla rave parties in the suburbs of Tokyo. With artists such as Destroyer aka dubdudb, CYU, Kawa, Master-Pppppp, YXTC, Tounari, this is a Sound Tribe that spreads gentle grooves to the underground with freedom that goes beyond categories of raves, warehouses, truck and street parties!!!!!! The magazine and compilation CD package, “Ikanani or Die2” will be released off of Universal Marginal.


IKANANI or Die 2 (Art book & compilation CD)